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A photo...one moment that will never occur again...one entry into life's diary.

    I am an engineer, artist, and photographer living with my husband in Kingwood, Texas.  We love to travel and explore.  We have hiked the backcountry of the Western Sierras, jeeped Southwestern deserts, paddled rivers and bayous, explored caves, walked atop lava fields, and (gratefully) relaxed on tropical shores...all the time enjoying "the moment."  Most valued, he has exercised great patience while I worked to capture our travels in paint or film.

    Most recently (since 2010) I have transitioned to digital photography.  I love that I can capture a subject and immediately see it.  I love that I can share quickly with family and friends.  Pictures of family and friends are my favorite.  While I appreciate  natural surroundings, taking many family portraits outdoors, I am lucky to have a small studio in my home.  Here I can better photograph newborns and small children.  What a joy to capture moments of such happiness, joy, and awe of new and growing life.  Each is a special and valued time for me, as clients become friends.

    Thank you for sharing your time looking through my work.  Please feel free to contact me about any of my work, or your special moment need.


Painting of Mayor Sylvester Turner's Pothole Initiative 2016

Exhibition of series "City of Houston - Crews at Work" in the Bob Lanier Building, Downtown Houston

Spotlighting Texas     by Diane Binnie

"celebrating the independent spirit", Texas is a big state, big in land mass and big in spirit. Texas is a varied landscape, bold and beautiful, from the desert west to the eastern green piney woods, and south to the Gulf Coast.

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Leading without Dollars     by Eric Dargan and photography by Diane Binnie

For public and non-profit organizations, This book covers the basic leadership principals of how to communicate with others.  Simple to read and written with the entry level manager in mind.

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